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Riverside event space, Battersea

The proposed space for a 5* Hotel encloses 240 sqm of accommodation and creates a new event location, in a unique position, with beautiful sunset views over the Thames. The ambition is for a light, open space, which maximises the views of the river and creates a space which appears dramatic, organic and can create an atmosphere suited to special occasions.

Our approach recognises that the column positions are set by the existing structure and the new terrace must be lightweight. From the existing positions we have new post that hold interlocking and set apart pads, like lily leafs in a pond, that create a new roof platform. The pads sometimes overlap, sometimes are set apart and vary in level to create an organic landscape. These linked islands, which are articulated in both the landscaping and the ceilings below, are held aloft and separate from a glass wall which is set back from the existing building edge. Some pads are separated by glazed roof elements, dappled light will flood in when desired.

The back of house areas occupy a pod closest to the existing main building and acts as an acoustic and visual buffer. The new space is set away from the existing building edge and retain some outside space at the level of the existing Japanese garden. At the new roof terrace level planting and subtle changes in the landscape keep people closest to the river, where the best views are to be found.

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