Falcon Wharf Works
Hotel & Apartments

We have been involved with 3 projects at Falcon Wharf which is a mixed use building by the Thames in Battersea. The first was the refurbishment of the 16th 5,000 sq.ft penthouse apartment. The design reveals previously unseen panoramic views of London’s famous skyline and increases the usable floor space and value by reconfiguring access arrangements. The resulting accommodation is divided into 4 suites, with separate bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and changing spaces, study areas and children’s play space. There is also family kitchen and a large central hub space which is arranged to host both social gatherings of family and friend and more intimate family moments. The second project was the upwards extension of the Hotel riverside block creating 5 new hotel suites which was completed in 2016.

The third project adds an additional floor of apartments onto each of the four c-shaped roof terraces of the main building at Falcon Wharf. There is to be a total of 8 new apartments over 875 sq.m of additional accommodation. The proposal includes large new landscaped roof terraces for use by all residents. On the 18th floor which will offer a spectacular 360° panoramic view of London, provide a sun deck and a snug for appreciating the evening views in the cooler air or inclement weather. There is to be a small bar area as well as a larger communal space for residents’ personal use. Another addition is for a new netted outdoor 60sqm children’s play area to be created on the southern block of the 14th floor, offering a safe and secure place for the 70+ children living in the building to play. Two further roof terraces offer residents a variety of amenity spaces.

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