Thames Promenade
Bridge Repurposing / Public Garden
Barnes to Chiswick

A passionate team of residents has a vision to restore the unused Victorian rail bridge spanning the Thames between Barnes and Chiswick and transform it into a garden walkway linking the two neighbourhoods. The Thames Promenade will be a haven for wildlife, providing horticultural interest for children and adults alike as well as promoting biodiversity. It is a truly grassroots project with expertise in developing the green corridor provided by charitable organisations, small businesses and volunteers drawn from the local community. They would be responsible for the planting and maintenance of the site under a Friends of Thames Promenade group, under the aegis of Barnes Common Association (BCA). This initiative is the brainchild of a long-time resident of Barnes, Peter Banks who has a background in property development and has been responsible for a number of major developments across London and Surrey. His passion for restoring the historic Barnes Bridge has resulted in this project which he is now driving forward with a local team and the BCA. One world design are assisting the clients at the early stages of the design process and image production.

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