Tractor Workshop
Conversion of agricultural building to 3 bedroom home
North Devon

The former tractor workshop on a site close to Saunton Beach has now been converted into a low carbon 3 bedroom two storey home for under £250K. With its own water supply, photovoltaics panels, sewage treatment plant and ground source heat pump the highly insulated home is capable of being off grid. The design responds to the constraints set by the local council by glazing a large opening and creating a double height living area, utilising materials such as polished concrete floor and replacement metal cladding, such that the building retains its industrial and agricultural nature.

  • Tractor Workshop
  • Carbon Neutral House #4
  • Woodside
  • Thames Promenade
  • Nightingale Lane
  • The Coach House
  • Cowstall
  • Diamond Jubilee Bridge
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