New Home
Ilse of Wight

‘Woodland’ is near the River Yar and within the Causeway Conservation Area. The site was purchased by a retired couple who have made the island their home. Although anxious to preserve the character of the Causeway they wanted to replace an existing timber cottage with a more open dwelling and a new garden. They wanted to be unobserved by passers-by. The entry courtyard is enclosed on two sides by single storey timber walls, one side pale grey and the other dark chestnut. Within the walls are discreet entrances to the building. A door is opened to reveal a garden seen through a glass wall. This wall forms one long side of a bright living space. It is flanked by a night block for sleeping at one end and by a study and gabled studio at the other. These distinct parts form a group of linked structures. All are timber clad but of contrasting materials: green painted larch studio, translucent pale grey cedar day room and dark chestnut panels on the night block.
Lead Designer:Jenny Jones of Highwater Jones
Architect: One World Design
Landscape:Jenny Jones of Highwater Jones
Photograhy: Charlie Round-Turner
Winner of the RIBA (IOW) awards 2016 the citation states: ‘Woodlands demonstrates how the highest standards of design have been employed to create a masterpiece of architecture and landscape in this sublime home’.

  • Tractor Workshop
  • Carbon Neutral House #4
  • Woodside
  • Thames Promenade
  • Nightingale Lane
  • The Coach House
  • Cowstall
  • Diamond Jubilee Bridge
  • Home Renewal
  • Herondale Avenue